Work in progress

working on finding balance in my days. As easy as it should be, it turns out to be a challenge 



Can’t really say im new to this, This meaning blogging or just failing at every attempt to create something honorable for myself. For that much, cant really say that i see anything different for this new year that we have all been thrown into. vowing to shed all negetive aspects of 2017, and begin life new in 2018, sounds like a good plan, or maybe a record  that seamlessly skips until you realise that no change ever came. It doesnt have to be. 

Biggest mistake I’ve been making as a young adult approaching a each new year was that i had a unrealistic set of goals each year. Not saying that  setting the bar high is bad, its just the missing the bar and spiraling deeper into depression is bad. Telling myslef each year how I’m gonna create so many drastic changes to perfect my imperfection left me numb by april, and just waiting fornthe next year by september. So seeing as each declaration i vow to myself gets slowly smoked out, i decided to create one resolution of which i feel may be my best way to a prosperous New Year,  and that is simpled to smile more.

Seems like a stupid resolution but  for a individual who doesnt smile much, its a great height. The energy behind what truly makes a person smile is indescribable. Its sometimes something you can purchase or just admire. Its a feeling that surpasses all  that seems negative and unyielding.  To me, a smile feels like a warm dusk, a timeless calm, a sense of peace that i haven’t  found in a while.

So far ive had several genuine moments of smiling and i plan to have many more. Im not here to tell anyone who reads that what you’ve set for yourself will make you self destruct, its just a honest reevaluation of what i considered a realistic set of accomplishments versus  a set of unreasonable  standards i expect to reach in a matter of months. 
Maybe smiling alittle more is something you may need with this new year. Peace and prosperityđź‘‘